How to make wide shoes fit narrow feet

Whenever you are selecting a new pair of shoes for you to buy, you must have to keep this in mind that your shoes should be a perfect fit for your feet. Moreover, they must be comfortable enough so that your feet don’t start feeling irritated.

One of the most important things that you have to keep in your mind while selecting the right kind of shoes for your feet is that the shoe should protect all the parts of your feet while walking. One of the main problems that people face in getting a right fit pair of shoes for their feet is when they have selected a full pair of shoes for their narrow feet, and such situations become very challenging.

Finding a perfect fit pair of shoes for your feet can be a problematic task, especially when you have a narrow feet type. 

Narrow Feet Shoe Brands

There are just a specific number of brands that create shoes for narrow feet type, and such boots are also less in variety. Most people have small feet shape to face this problem of unavailability of the right kind of shoes for their feet. This issue becomes dangerous when they have no access to the brands which create shoes for narrow feet

If you have the same problem of having fewer fit shoes due to your narrow feet shape, you can slip around in the shoes you have, and ultimately, it can damage your feet in so many ways. Some of the possible damages that more full shoe causes to narrow feet include ulcers, blisters, and mild irritations.

Improper Shoe Injuries

Foot injuries while wearing an improper kind of shoes can even exceed these minor issues. It can badly twist your ankle and make your feet slip around. It can severely impact your ankle bone, and you can end up having a foot plaster. For all these reasons and several more, you can’t risk wearing an incorrect shoe size. 

People who are active in sport and running activities should never wear a pair of shoes that don’t fit their feet properly as they can get their ankle twisted because of this. 

Tips to make wide shoes fit narrow feet

In most of the situations, this happens that people find a perfect pair of shoes for themselves. Still, they are highly disappointed because of the unavailability of the exact shoe size for them. It usually happens when a person has a narrow feet style, but the shoe he likes is a bit wider than the feet. 

Well, this isn’t any more to worry about as by using several specific techniques, you can decrease the shoe size to let it fit on your feet and to reduce the risk of foot injuries in the future. 

  1. Use a cushioned insole

The first and one of the most straightforward techniques that you can use to make your shoes feel smaller is using an insole. You need to put an insole inside your shoe while keeping sure that the insole placed in a way that provides shock support to the arch and the heel as well. Usually, insoles are available in different sizes and categories, but you have to select the one which provides the most comfort and ease to your feet.

Not only this, select the insole which keeps your feet protected and reduce the friction among the shoes and ground so that stability while walking is enhanced, and the chances of slipping get also reduced. 

  1. Change the way of lacing your shoes

 It is one of the simplest yet effective ways to lessen the shoe size and to make them fit your narrow feet effectively. Changing the way you tie your shoelaces can be helpful. Usually, shoes have two eyelets set on both sides, and in that case, tying the laces starting from the tongue side of the shoes can help in keeping your feet fit in the shoes you have.

This technique will bring both sides of the shoes together and will make a shoe fitter for your feet. There are other types of lacing techniques, too, which you can try in keeping your shoes fit to your narrow feet. You can also search over the internet regarding the best lacing types and techniques for your more full shoes to make them fit. 

Some don’ts to focus

While it is about lessening shoe size, you have kept some don’ts in mind so that you don’t damage your shoes. Don’t use cotton balls, toilet paper, or any raw fabric to make your shoes fit your feet as it can create a complete mess.

Some of the people try using tip-toes pads considering them useful but end up being too uncomfortable because these pads have not designed according to the shoe and feet curves. The toe pads cannot get adjusted in all the shoe types because of a lack of customization.

Moreover, these pads can also cause irritation to your feet, or you have to bear unnecessary pains, so try to avoid such techniques. 

Helpful Tips & Tricks

All the above-mentioned instructions and techniques are highly helpful in making your shoes comfortable with your feet and reducing all the types of pains and irritation while wearing a bit wider shoes than your feet. 

You now need not worry if you don’t know any brand for creating narrow fit shoes. 

 Another thing for you to keep in mind is that all the tips mentioned above and techniques and more straightforward and more comfortable to follow and implement, but anyhow, there might be some shoe type that doesn’t fit your feet the way they should. In such a situation, you better consult a cobbler as he is the expert and can get the shoe done for you in a much better and effective way. 

Moreover, you shouldn’t mess with an expensive pair of shoes by yourself unless you are sure of the results. It might help you in saving extra costs and keeping your shoes safe.